Find your style and   >> design yourself! <<

Each of customized Frocks is based on individual needs, which determines the choice of material, color and cut of the ordered model. Sewn tail coat is personalized and unique, there is no possibility that the same model was repeated in a different order. The differences are in lining color, buttons selection, thread color. Design selection can be based on the finished model, or Client can order an independent project, which determines the final price.

Tailcoats sewing technique involves taking measurements from the Client, and getting to know his expectations and style. Tailor helps the Client with choosing the fabric, lining and fashion, and then creates a paper template of Clients body. On the basis of hand-cut template tailor creates material pattern and then bastes the individual parts. Sewing itself is not everything. The suit must be like a second skin.

As important as the sewing is ironing, not finished jackets, but it’s individual parts. It is used for this purpose heavy tailoring iron . By wetting the fabric with a brush tailor forms jackets front, back at the height of the blades and shoulders, collar, sleeves to the elbow. This is why bespoke sewing takes time and does not like the hurry, and Customers understand that a longer waiting time ensures an excellent end result.