The Frock combines the connection between men’s classics and contemporary fashion creativity dedicated to women. The idea of coming back to the past reminds of Johan Wolfgang Goethe book „The sorrows of young Werther” that evoked the trend of blue tailcoat with yellow west. That’s the part of the wardrobe that has almost disappeared in our language and closets…till now.



The big comeback of the frock is about transforming the most distinguished piece of men’s clothing into the everyday’s look. However, for the first time it’s designed for women.



The characteristic jacket is the variation of colors and patters, each very unique and tailor-made. All made of best quality materials like: silk, suede, jacquards, cashmere wool. The idea of The Frock is that each client becomes a part –designer making a decision on the coloring of the lining , ornaments and thread finish. The possibilities are endless as the imagination of the designer.


This extraordinary item is dedicated to open-minded women who need the revolution in their typical business dress code, as well as to those who want to stand out from the street ware look. Therefore the frocks can be combined with elegant dress, shirt, casual tank top and jeans. It works like a piece of jewel that composed with anything we put on upgrades the whole look and makes it one of a kind.