O projektancie

Who's behind The Frock?

Fashion has always walked with her. Kaja’s parents met working at the same film production. Her mother Małgorzata Braszka is a costume designer with over 60 realizations on her account and father Piotr Śródka used to work as a film producer.

Her roots were close to design, theater and movie since the beginning. The idea of creating own brand appeared together with remembered dream taken from the Kubrick’s movie „Eyes wild shut” frame, where all the heroes were women wearing mens frock coats.

What she does right now is making this dream come true in a real life.. She presented The Frock collections at Warsaw Fashion Weekend 2012, St.Petersburg Fashion Week 2012, Sopot Art&Fashion Days 2013.


Kaja Śródka

born:14.12.1983 in Poland 

education: Academy of Fine Arts Painting&Graphics Faculty

achievements: Two golden awards for best costume designer on KTR(Advertising Creators Contest), Folk Fashion final show, Exhibitions at Atelier Gallery, costume designer’s assistant in movie productions „Early Spring”, „Three” and „Maiden Vows”. Since 2004 working as a costume designer/stylist at photo sessions and advertising campaigns for international brands.